A b o u t

I currently live in Hertfordshire, dividing my time between painting and running a bookshop.

I’ve received a B.A. (Hons) in Fine Arts from the University of Herfordshire, after graduating in Painting from Lisbon’s Faculty of Fine Arts. 

I was born in Portugal but large part of my childhood was spent in D.R.C., former Zaïre. This period has influenced my affinity with vast immersive places and a feeling of connection with nature. Later in Lisbon, the proximity to wide areas of water: the sea and large river estuaries consumed my imagination. This was the intrinsic feeling I found few years later, after moving into the U.K., in particular during a period living in Scotland. 

I work in a semi abstract way, exploring the balance of subdued contrasts, tonal values and gestural marks. I like my visual language to be fluid and my painting process takes different stages: mood setting with colour tones; observation defines painted areas with layers and glazes, followed by an interpretation of my surroundings through lines and mark making.

My palette is often limited, gravitating towards muted colours, perceived as melancholic, the way I explore ideas of memory, disruption, and the sense of being lost.

My work steers away from years of traditional painting practice, the result of a previous training and career as a restorer, where I inherited a fondness for anything weathered and timeworn, the sense of tradition and past; a deep understanding of painting materials and the urge to subvert them. My influences are varied, from the tonal paintings of Hammershøi to Dutch masters landscapes, from Turner’s skies to the linear work of Ravilious, from the immaculate paintings of Andrew Wyeth to the calligraphic gestures of Cy Twombly. 

Pursuing the unperfected state, the immediacy of light and time. I aim to express and provoke an emotional response, one that leads the mind beyond what the eye sees and the senses perceive… Wind, air, cold, rain, mud, ground, dirt, hot, moss, mist, white, blue, green and grey.