Thoughts, elsewhere

A collection of 30 pieces

Echoing how the landscape was observed: eyes moving from sky to land, land to water, a change of light and a gust of wind: a landscape still happening.

Pastel, pencil, pigment and mixed media on cradled gessoed panel, 12.5×12.5cm | ©Ines Freitas

These observations moments are spontaneous and fleeting, the work has an aspect of incompleteness, almost as if unfinished. Blurred views, with soft focus whilst capturing the uncertainty of time, place and weather. Bare and linear sharpened views, open grounds; a restrained palette, applied lightly but with abrupt hatching brushstrokes, repetitive lines and a sharp linear sgrafitto; a process of building layers of paint over time, adding and subtracting, eroding and repainting,

I hope these paintings bring you a sense of peace, through the places they may take you or into the spaces you take them.