a b o u t

Inês Freitas is known for her nuanced and subtle abstract landscape paintings.

Her work experiments with a pared back palette, where subdued tones play with linear mark making and ethereal layers and washes. Unassuming materials occupy the corners of her studio: she uses pigments, gouache, pastels and pencils: a nod to her previous training as a restorer. 

Through her process she seeks moments of silence and stillness. Each painting captures the impermanence of time, observing and exploring the intrinsic relationship between landscape and the experience of place. 

Inês invites the viewer into a state of quietude, into a deeper sense of belonging through the evocation of one’s memory, honouring the space between the ‘no longer’ and the ‘not yet’.

She currently lives in Hertfordshire, UK, dividing her time between her painting practice and running a bookstore. Inês studied Fine Arts at University of Hertfordshire after completing a BA Hons in Painting at Faculty of Fine Arts, Lisbon.