A b o u t

Although born in Portugal, a large part of my childhood was spent in the Democratic Republic of Congo. My time in Africa profoundly influenced my affinity with vast immersive places and a feeling of connection with nature. Returning to Lisbon to study painting and restoration, the proximity to wide areas of water, the sea, large river estuaries consumed my imagination. I experienced this same intrinsic feeling years later when studying fine art in England, but particularly during a period living in Scotland. 

Consequently, I always aim to express and provoke an emotional response in my work, one that leads the mind beyond what the eye sees and the senses perceive: wind, air, cold, rain, mud, ground, dirt, hot, moss, mist, white, blue, green and grey… chasing the immediacy of light and time, the unperfected state, memories and half remembered places.,

I currently live in Hertfordshire dividing my time between painting and running a bookshop.

Inês works in a semi abstract way, exploring the balance of subdued contrasts, tonal values and gestural marks. Her palette is often limited, gravitating towards muted colours, perceived as melancholic. She explores ideas of memory, disruption, and the sense of being lost. 

 Her deep understanding of painting materials and traditional painting practice – a result of her previous training and career as a restorer in Lisbon – drives in her the urge to subvert them. Yet it also instilled in her a fondness for anything weathered and timeworn. 

Her influences are varied: from the tonal paintings of Hammershøi to Dutch master’s landscapes; Turner’s skies to the linear work of Ravilious; the immaculate paintings of Andrew Wyeth to the calligraphic gestures of Cy Twombly.